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Fall Bulk Item Drop Off

DPW: Recycle & Refuse Collection
DPW Barns on Newell St
Watertown NY 13601
(315) 785-7842 or (315) 785-7770

The City of Watertown offers its residents the opportunity to participate in its bulk drop off program. This occurs in the in the fall annually


September 16,2017 - VIEW the Drop Flyer


(based on size of vehicle)
To be paid in cash or check prior to unloading
$10 Automobiles/SUVs - (1/2 cu yard)
$20 Mini Van/Compact Pick-up Truck
$25 Pick-up truck with NO rack/extended sides
$45 Pick-up truck with side racks
$25-45 Utility Trailer - variable sizes
FREE White Goods
$5 Tires (autos/vans/pick-up only)
$5 Batteries (car/Boat/truck)


  • No household waste -pesticides, herbicides, driveway sealers, paint, thinners etc
  • No Liquid Waste of Any Kind
  • No Yard Waste - brush, limbs, grass clippings, garden waste are prohibited
  • No Refuse - items that would normally be picked up by your weekly trash collection are prohited.
  • No Dump Trucks - only cars, vans, pic-up trucks and utility trailers will be allowed on site
  • PROOF OF RESIDENCY REQUIRED - valid driver's license or other appropriate ID